June 6, 2023

Benefits of Choosing a Thailand Dedicated Server for Your Business Website

If you’re operating an e-commerce business, you’re going to need a Thailand Dedicated Server if you want to boost the security and accessibility of your site and keep your customers satisfied. Onlive Server offers the most reliable solutions in server management, and they can help you choose the right Thailand Dedicated Server plan so that your site can be found by Thai customers as well as potential online shoppers from all over the world. The whole process takes just minutes, so start today!

The need of setting up a dedicated server

If you are looking to set up a dedicated server for your business website, you must be looking forward to hosting only your company’s website and do not want it to become part of any other network or environment. For that purpose, you need to have a dedicated server on which your hosting space can be available in an isolated manner. It should not give accessibility or connection with any other hosting service through the shared server.

Setting Up Thailand Dedicated Server (Bangkok Data Center)

Setting up a Thailand dedicated server with Onlive Hosting is easy and affordable. You only need to choose a hosting plan that best fits your business needs, and then pay for it online. We will configure your server within 24 hours of payment. The entire process takes less than an hour to set up, ensuring you can get right back to running your business or playing World of Warcraft. And because we have our own data center in Bangkok, you never have to worry about poor performance or outages.


How Does It Work?

A dedicated server for your website is a standalone server that is physically housed in a data center, not connected to any other server. This allows you to have complete control over your web content. To run your own web hosting business from home, all you need to do is sign up with Onlive Server and then choose one of our packages. We provide cPanel management software so you can easily upload files and change system settings through a secure back-end interface.

Operating System

When choosing an operating system, it’s important to consider that each option comes with advantages and disadvantages. Windows-based hosting is quite common and easy to manage, but it comes with a learning curve. Linux-based hosting gives you more control over your environment and is often faster than other operating systems. However, both options have limitations when it comes to website customization—which means if you don’t want to do any coding, you might want to steer clear of these options.

Control Panel

A web hosting control panel is what gives you total access to your Cheap Thailand Dedicated Server. It’s a software interface that allows you to easily upload and download content, monitor traffic, and manage emails from one central location. The Onlive Server control panel is user-friendly and allows for rapid growth with minimal cost of extra resources.

Support Team

Our Support Team is available 24/7 a year. You can always count on us to be at your service and provide you with immediate support for any issue or problem you may have. Our product and engineering teams are constantly working to improve our services. If you encounter any issues that our Support Team cannot solve, then please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).