June 6, 2023

Buy USA Dedicated Server at affordable price by Onlive Server

Onlive Server comes with the best and affordable USA Dedicated Server for our customers. With USA Dedicated Servers, you gain the ability to go far beyond the resource limits of shared hosting to upgrade your dedicated servers at any time.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a server used to host websites, data, applications, and services of a single hosting user. These are the servers that are completely dedicated to an individual or organization. You can configure and modify the server as per your requirement to make it suitable for the needs of your website. If you want a private server that works only for you, then getting a USA Dedicated Server is the best option for you.

How does a Dedicated Server work?

A dedicated server is a physical server usually rented from a dedicated server hosting provider, used by an individual or company for their business website needs. Choosing this server means that you have your own physical server instead of any shared server, that is shared with multiples of other users on the same server.

Why is a Dedicated Server Needed?

Dedicated Server is an ideal hosting option for online businesses operating in the United States that take care deeply about their website’s privacy, security, and superior performance. You can customize and modify the server as per your requirement for the website and you have complete control over the entire server.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider choosing a USA dedicated server for your web hosting:-

It Provides Better Performance:-

Dedicated servers provide a specialized, dedicated operating system without the allocation of resources. The server you buy is completely dedicated to you and you get complete control over it. This means that it will give better performance and faster application than any other server.

It is Budget-Friendly:-

A dedicated server is the most budget-friendly option and the best value for money if you want your website to last longer. Yes, cloud servers and shared servers seem cheaper than a dedicated server, but a dedicated server will provide a lot more resources and the number of users you can serve at any given time. A dedicated server provides everything from maintaining the network to the supply and maintenance of server hardware. If anything goes wrong then we are fully responsible for resolving any issue.

It Offers Amazing Flexibility:-

Dedicated servers can be used for many applications or websites because they are extremely flexible. Most commonly used for a dedicated server is to run a web hosting environment, while other applications include database storage, custom virtualization setup, email accounts, and more.

It Allows You to Customize:-

Going with a dedicated server, you can easily customize the hardware as per your guide. Whether it’s adding more RAM, needing extra hard disk space, or a need for a faster CPU, all hardware is customizable. In addition, if you need more resources for your business website needs in the future, you can contact us at any time and request an upgrade to suit your growing business needs.

It Provides Extreme Security:-

This dedicated server is for your use only as the name suggests. With a shared server and cloud server, the server is shared among all web users that are housed on the same physical server, and as a result, you are not the only user who is using the server, there are others like you. This increases the risk of data loss, intrusion, and interception. In simple words, your data is more secure on a dedicated server than on any other server.


Onlive Server helps you choose the best USA Dedicated Server for your business. Our company has a team that has specialized knowledge in dedicated servers and can advise on the best solution to host your website and help you achieve the results you need. If you are looking to host a new website, don’t worry Linux Reseller Hosting is a perfect choice for new websites. Contact us for more information on our website.