June 6, 2023

Get More Security with Unmanaged VPS Hosting in Japan


If you are looking for a hosting solution where you get more security then unmanaged VPS should be your first choice. With growing online businesses, the need for hosting solutions has also grown. That is why there are so many different hosting types available for business owners so that they can meet the needs of their websites. You must know about this already, but the managed VPS might not give you that much flexibility. That’s why we turned to unmanaged VPS hosting Japan.

If you are an experienced developer with the knowledge above managed VPS hosting, then you might like the idea of switching to unmanaged VPS hosting. One of the most popular unmanaged VPS hosting providers in Japan is Onlive Server. Let’s find out the reasons to switch to Cheap VPS Server and why Onlive is the best VPS Hosting Provider in Japan.

Reasons to Create Unmanaged VPS Hosting in Japan

It is one of the main web hosting companies in the world. They have provided hosting solutions for more than thousands of customers all around the world. The fully managed VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services the customers ask for. Because it provides them with great services without having to manage it.

 Some customers wanted more control over their server and they could manage the Cheap VPS Server Japan on their own as well. This is why Onlive has created unmanaged VPS Hosting Japan plans for customers who want more security for their websites.

When to Choose the Unmanaged VPS in Japan

Customers may or may not sure if they want Japan VPS hosting plan for their websites. It is one of the complete reasons that may indicate that you need to choose Japan VPS is when you know how to manage the whole thing on your own. People also go for unmanaged VPS because it’s very cost-effective and cheaper. You should choose the unmanaged VPS Hosting Japan when you have the skills and resources to manage the server.

Most Common Situations When you need an Unmanaged VPS Hosting Japan

Here are some common situations when you can choose the unmanaged VPS, so you can be fully sure about it:

  • If you have a system, it is a website that needs less simple and more specific resources that can’t be supported by the managed VPS, then you may want to switch to unmanaged VPS hosting.
  • If you want to host web applications that can’t be hosted on a regular shared server. It happens when they need more certain server configuration and mode resources as well.
  • If you correct isolated resources for your project only.
  • If you want to manage the complete things on your own and make necessary changes.

Features of Unmanaged VPS Hosting Japan-

Cloud-Based VPS- It offers a high level of flexibility with their unmanaged VPS hosting services. The flexibility is similar to a cloud-based server and it is as powerful as a dedicated server, so it is useful for everyone. It would be easy to get your desired performance with VPS hosting.

Enterprise- Grade Hardware- Their plans are built on the highest enterprise-grade level hardware which ensures the improved performance exceeds the structural standards. You would get an Intel Xeon Processor and 130 GB of RAM with SSD technology per server.

SSH and Root Access- You would get full control over your VPS with complete SSH and Root Access. It means there would be no limitations when it comes to installing any software or web application. Finally, you would get more control and security over your server.

Hosting Unlimited Sites- Hosting various sites has become a necessity and not all the servers are able to host many websites for you. It is because where you would find unmanaged VPS helpful as you would be able to host unlimited websites on the server.

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