November 28, 2023

Get Thailand Dedicated Server for Your Website by Onlive Server

How can I optimize my website’s loading speed?

You will be unable to successfully attract and retain visitors, who will then go on to interact with your site or app if your website loads slowly. Even if all your site’s assets are hosted in one location (which is advisable), remember that not all service providers have infrastructure that’s as fast Thailand Dedicated Server as you might want it to be. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that loading speed should be considered when you choose where to host your site. To learn more about how you can optimize your website’s loading speed, please visit our FAQ section!

Why should I use a CDN service with my dedicated server?

If you want to offer your customers a good browsing experience then you should use a CDN service along with your dedicated server. If you are not sure how much bandwidth is available on your dedicated server and how to utilize it, then an application delivery network is going to be very helpful for your website. A CDN is actually an internet protocol that takes all of your visitors’ data, including graphics and files and distributes them across different locations on their network.

Can I host multiple websites on one server?

Yes, our servers are shared and you can host multiple websites on one dedicated server. However, since every website needs an IP address, you can only host two domains or two subdomains per IP address. If you’re planning to host more than two sites, we recommend that you get an additional IP address from your provider. You may also want to consider investing in multiple servers (dedicated or VPS) instead of multiple sites hosted on one server. By doing so, you will be able to optimize your resources and improve each site’s performance independently without affecting other sites on your server.

Instant Setup

You will have your server set up and running in minutes. You don’t need to know anything about server management or how to use Unix or Linux command-line interface. When you host your website on a Thailand Dedicated Server, you can focus more on developing an engaging website for your visitors and less on managing it.

Fast Service

In addition to getting everything you need from one hosting provider, a dedicated server is your best bet for super-fast speeds. Because all of your website files are stored on their own server, it’s not affected by network traffic or storage-space issues. Plus, there’s no interference from other sites hosted on shared servers that can slow down response times and affect your site’s loading speed—your customers will see pages load in an instant!

Full Root Access

Many web hosting providers give customers FTP and telnet access, allowing them to upload their website and make updates via a text-based interface. The problem is that FTP doesn’t provide you full root access, which can be necessary when installing scripts or installing new software on your site. Our Thailand Dedicated Servers come with full root access so you can do as much as possible from your end, saving time and money for both you and us.


When you’re hosting your site on an unmanaged platform, you don’t have control over how much memory or disk space is available for use. With a dedicated server, however, you can allocate as much RAM and space as your application requires. In addition to extra room for more traffic and files, managed servers are more expensive than unmanaged servers – making them ideal for developers who want stability but may not have too many resources at their disposal.


The processor, storage and RAM capacity on our Cheap Dedicated Servers give you plenty of room to build your applications, host databases, and host file-sharing systems. For example, 1GB RAM is enough for hosting several smaller WordPress sites or creating multiple Virtual Hosts on an Apache server. While 4GB RAM is better suited for hosting larger e-commerce websites or applications that require processing large data sets.

Support Team

Every dedicated server comes backed by an exceptional support team. Our team is available 24×7 to provide you with reliable and swift assistance that can be accessed via phone, ticket, or live chat. Our staff can help you resolve any issues in a matter of minutes. We also offer free automated monitoring, which allows us to alert you about potential problems before they cause any significant damage to your server environment.