November 28, 2023
Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Get Unbeatable Performance Cheap Linux VPS – Onlive Server

What is Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

The VPS hosting gives you an opportunity to run Linux operating system on Cheap Linux VPS. VPS hosting allows users to install new software. Add additional applications and customize the interface of their website through. A web browser instead of using localhost or windows server 2016 machine running. Popular VPS hosting includes “centos”, “ubuntu” and others but ubuntu is most popular among them all because it too has many advantages over other Linux like centos, for instance.

Linux VPS hosting is a hosting model that puts your Linux server on any VPS (virtual private server) hosted. It gives you the freedom to customize Linux in such a way as per your need and budget requirements.

Main Features of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

  • The Virtual private server running on Linux running gadget tends to be secured with the Secure Shell (SSH). With the assist of SSH, you get the possibility to control VPS by using typing in command lines. It assists in making Linux VPS comparatively greater resource-efficient. The administrator on the Linux VPS will now not be required to execute normal reboots in case of heavy hundreds of resources. Therefore, due to the fewer reboots, your gadget will be capable to furnish excessive performance.
  • Linux, based on open-source in nature, supplied top-notch security. So, with the Linux VPS hosting, your internet site acquires greater degrees of protection. Behind the Linux working system, there exists a huge team of expert coders who preserve reviewing, identifying, and clarifying its vulnerability. Therefore, it permits all the bugs and problems to get resolved from time to time. Additionally, Linux VPS is comparatively greater tightly closed due to the fact of the truth. That it consists of a smaller user base.
  • Since Linux’s working gadget is an open-source code. It will become best for aiding open-source software programs like PHP/Perl, Java, Python, ROR, SSH, CGI, MySQL, and many others.
  • It is constantly advantageous to have the server get the right of entry. As then you can get higher management over. The configuration of your Virtual private server. You have to have acknowledged the FTP, which is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. The FTP is an advisable device thru which you can add and download files. For instance, you will require this device to construct an internet site in order to add media files (photos or videos) from your private laptop to your virtual private server. With the Linux VPS, you get accessibility to FTP. Moreover, the different variety of servers get admission to you would desire to have been a safety protocol recognized as SSH. And the SSH is handy solely with the Linux working system.

Why Should you choose Onlive Server for Linux VPS Hosting?

When you choose which operating system is the VPS will serve the best to your website. You need to search for the Hong Kong VPS provider that fulfills your all business need. Here, we are telling you to one of the best and recognized hosting companies is Onlive Server. Onlive Server offers excellent VPS hosting services all over the world and grant you to opt for any of your preferred operating systems -Windows or Linux.

We offer a world-class processor and a Super Microblade to monitor and deal with the whole upkeep of your virtual private server.

Our company also offers 24/7 technical customer support from the expert team. You can join with the group each time to unravel any encountered server issues.

We ensure that you always get higher uptime with the top rate bandwidth and environment-friendly network.


In this article, we have discussed. Why Linux is better than Windows and how you can use it to host your website. In addition, we’ve explained that the best way to run a business online is by using a VPS server. If you have further questions. About VPS hosting or would like us to create a custom plan for you, please contact us today. If you are looking for a cost-effective VPS solution, you have come to the right place. Onlive Server offers affordable Linux VPS solutions that can be configured in any way you need. Contact us today to find out more about our services.