September 21, 2023
Italy VPS Server

Italy VPS Server

How to Get the Most Out of Your Italy VPS Server on Onlive Server

Onlive Server offers Italy VPS Server at the lowest price with all flexible felicities. We provide you with a high-performance, reliable and secure server. Our dedicated hosting solutions are suitable for small businesses, individuals and companies.

We offer our clients various hosting plans to meet their needs and requirements. This Onlive Server offers many features such as MySQL database, panel control panel, PHP5/MySQL5 support, PHP5/MYSQL4 support and much more!

What is the Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is a service that allows you to create your customised server with all hardware specifications, operating systems and even networks. VPS hosts are server computers dedicated to you, meaning they only run your application or website. You can choose exactly what type of hardware you want in your VPS host and how much RAM, storage and CPU power it will have.

What are the benefits of VPS?

As we mentioned above, there are many benefits to using a VPS hosting solution. The main benefits include:

Flexibility: You can use any operating system in your virtualised environment. This means that if you need to move from one platform to another due to work requirements or personal preference, this is easy!

Portability: A stand-alone server requires more effort to migrate between hosts because it uses physical hardware resources (such as RAM and CPU) rather than virtualised ones (RAM and CPU). This reduces the risk of downtime and allows for greater flexibility in terms of cloud migration.

Benefits of having an Italy VPS server hosting

VPS Server Hosting is a cloud server hosting that provides a virtual private server (VPS) in Italy. The Italy Server has all the benefits of traditional hosting but with the added benefit of being located in Italy.

Benefits of having an Italy VPS Server hosting:

Speed: A dedicated server is speedy compared to shared hosting servers, as it has resources and capacity. The internet speed is faster on a dedicated server because no other users are sharing the same resources as you. However, you should go for dedicated hosting if you want even faster speeds.

Ease of Use: With a virtual private server, you can easily install any software or application you want on your website or blog without having to worry about anything else like security issues or other technical issues that might arise while installing these applications on shared hosting plans. In addition, setting up a VPS Server will be very easy because of its automated setup process that allows you to start using your domain name within minutes after buying it from us!

Technical Support

We are proud of our technical support team. We have a well-trained, friendly and reliable support team who will always be there for you to answer any questions or queries you may have. They will ensure that the server is up and running at all times via our 24/7 online ticket system so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Our Technical Support team has been trained to provide a first-class level of service, which includes:

24/7 response time

We respond to all tickets within one hour where possible. However, we have also implemented a 24×7 Mail Forwarding Service to ensure your email is still accessible should you need it when away from your desk. We will also use this mail forwarding system to address urgent issues at night.

Remote access to the server

We offer remote access to our clients should they require it via our secure FTP service on a dedicated IP address with no port forwarding required. Once we receive remote access requests from your client, we can open an SSH session directly into the server, allowing them complete control over their root directory structure and access to any folders they require, such as PHP files.

Advantages of choosing VPS Server in Italy

We provide an all-in-one hosting solution with the best performance and reliability, including secure and scalable resources for your website, applications or other services. Our servers are built with SSD storage and Ultra-fast CPU, RAM and Bandwidth to provide you high performance hosting at a low cost. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on every server we host, so do worry about downtime or downtime!

Ultimate Security & Privacy

Our Italy VPS Server comes with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and 24/7 support. Our   VPS Server is fully dedicated and will be your first choice for hosting & managing your websites.

We offer a range of   VPS Server options to suit your needs. Choose from the basic shared hosting, SSD-based SSD, GPU-powered VPS or even a dedicated server.

Our   VPS Servers are hosted on powerful hardware in our European data centres, ensuring the best possible performance and reliability.

Control Panel Access

This section will see the control panel access for our   VPS Server. We will discuss the control panel access and how you can manage your VPS server.

SSH Access: You can log in to our   VPS using SSH and move around your files, applications and websites. You can also create new accounts with root user privileges which can be used to install software and applications.

FTP Access: You can log in to our   VPS using an FTP client and upload or download files from servers. This is a straightforward way of transferring files between computers, so sharing content between different computers is accessible.

Better Bandwidth

With our dedicated   VPS Server, you will get more bandwidth than what is offered by shared hosting. You can host unlimited sites on our VPS Server and still have a good speed for your websites.

Faster Servers

We provide the fastest dedicated Cheap VPS Server to our customers. We use high-performance Intel Xeon processors and SSD storage to deliver quick responses to tour websites.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You will get unlimited bandwidth with our   VPS Server while using shared hosting plans. You can host multiple websites on your server without any restriction.


Onlive Server offers Italy VPS Server at the lowest price with all flexible felicities. All our servers run on a fast SSD disk and have their IP address. We can also offer you a dedicated IP address, which is quite helpful for your website or application to be reachable from everywhere in the world. Our   VPS Server is highly secure, using state-of-the-art security tools like firewalls, virus scanners and anti-virus software.