September 21, 2023
Windows VPS Server

Know Why Website Have Window VPS Server from Onlive Server

Windows VPS Server hosting allows you to get the most out of private servers at a quarter of the price. Digital private datacenters are personal, independent, virtual environments. This value is especially important because central system software programs are installed. 

Server Security?

Yes, cyber attacks can happen when working in the shared hosting community, as with all the necessary security measures. The amount of protection improves dramatically as you move to a Windows VPS Server.

What is the advantage of Window VPS Server?

Are you ready for a lot of processing equipment without the cost and burden of operating and maintaining a dedicated server? A Windows VPS server hosting is a comfortable middle ground between mainstream user pool servers and high-end specialized servers.

Computational space by dividing the domain among a select number of clients. A Windows VPS server hosting operates a copy of its own software and operates as a dedicated server, even when a physical server may include an assortment of virtual machines.

Many VPS companies have defaulted on selling only Linux-based plans. Usually, you’ll have to do some additional searching to find a Windows package to host your app; However, luckily for you, we have gathered a range of your favorite host of computer software. Such services can help you increase your traffic without spending much money.

Overview of our Window VPS Server

Update your hosting and take your company to new heights with our Windows VPS servers. It is an efficient hosting system for sites and software that attracts a huge amount of traffic. Windows VPS is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting, which gives you the advantage of providing dedicated infrastructure for your site at the cost of shared hosting. Since business owners can also be aware of the world of problems, it is safer for them to network with high-tech technologies and resources.

Constant support

We are providing 24/7 service to provide you the perfect approach to worry-free. This is at the top of our target list. We incorporate state-of-the-art security to keep information and accounts safe from breaches.

Full Root Control

Handle the processes on our website with ease. We give you full access to this central admin step. Thus, load your customized software or use the regular software. It’s yours. We are only installing the latest tools to provide our customers what no other hosting supports.

Easy-to-use design

Our compact and sophisticated dash helps anyone do anything in very little time. Manage backup, monitor funds, scalability, and more.

Server monitoring

Our real-time tracking service is provided for all Windows plans. When a problem is identified, a ticket is created, allowing our experts to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Cutting edge hardware

We use best technology in term of our infrastructure. This lets us deliver the speed and reliability to make sure your Windows VPS is running optimally.

Instant scalability

Increase your resources quickly by upgrading to the second tier of our Windows VPS program! Easily upgrade your server anytime with our cheap Windows VPS server hosting.

This is the best way to enhance your scalability of Window VPS Server

If you are looking forward to development, then you are going to start using that Windows VPS server. When you’re lucky and have enough development experience, programs and information residing on your Windows VPS can be moved to more important and external servers more quickly.


But you are only employing a small area of ​​the database. Although it is not that expensive. You might assume that if the servers are of any dimension, they might cost a bit more. With the advancement of virtualization applications and technology, a large number of organizations are providing virtual private server hosting at reasonable prices. Our Windows VPS servers give consumer with a resilient interface that is well defined and consumer friendly. Linux VPS is also the preferred working method for cheap VPS providers.

When you find that your MySQL server instance requires a large amount of storage, several options exist; Now you can change the size of the MySQL cache. Dedicated servers that require ample space for their sites suffice here. Choose your email to talk to our support staff longer. Cloud VPS is better for all the types of businesses because it can manage all the things according to the business needs.